My biggest hobby is traveling with my family - it doesn't matter where, but just together. My daughters share this passion of mine and my husband supports it. I probably inherited it from my parents - my mother has traveled from Ethiopia to Burma and Japan since 1989 and during her "retirement".

Just like traveling with my loved ones, sports with the family is another passion of mine - water sports, swimming, but also skiing are our common joys and therefore it is absolutely ideal when we manage to combine both, travel and sports.

When I find the time, the best chilling activity for me is a book or a movie, and I can't imagine my life without music. I love dancing - even though it doesn't look like that from my participation in the university balls. For all three areas - literature, film and music - it is no longer just me who inspires the taste of my daughters, but it is my daughters who broaden my horizons. My daughters taught me to love Nordic filmmaking or modern music, and we really enjoy this mutual inspiration!